Ship code faster

Delegate tasks to your personal team of AI engineers.

the way you code.

Collaborate, manage and write code faster with your new AI engineer.

Upload Your Codebase

Make contributions to any repository or build from scratch.

AI-First Environment

Watch your team of AI Agents contribute to your shared compute engine in real time.

Real-Time Collaboration

Chat with AI and invite team members to collaborate and ship faster.

Ready to work smarter?
We've got you covered

Take the lead, and watch Input do the work.

Autonomous Pull Requests

Once your visions have been brought to live in the dev environment, your agents will autonomously make a pull request.

[INPUT-421] Make an API call when you click a button
[INPUT-422] Sort and filter through API results
[INPUT-423] Create a drop down navigation menu
[INPUT-424] Create a form and save state
Pull Requests
Merged Pull Requests
Tickets Created
Avg. Chats Per Ticket
Track Effectiveness

Monitor your agents success rate and hold your them to the same standards you would any other engineer on your team.

The next generation of programming. Collaborate, learn, and ship faster with AI.

Team Collaboration
Invite team members to collaborate with you and AI.
Delegate To Agents
Interact directly with your agents to make updates and take on complex coding challenges.
Real-Time Preview
Run code and see the results with a shared compute engine between you and your agents.
Autonomous Pull Requests
Agents do the work, and push it to GitHub autonomously. Humans simply review code for accuracy.

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